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Intelligence: Israel Defence Forces, Shin-Bet intra-tensions > Assessment (Y-Net News)

Y-Net News [Israel], 13 November 2014 Opinion,7340,L-4591598,00.html IDF-Shin Bet relations: From partners to bitter rivals Analysis: The relationship between Israel ‘s security organizations has experienced ups and downs over the years and affected their cooperation. The IDF chief’s letter … Več

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Intelligence: Israel intelligence, IDF clash over Gaza war warning (Y-Net news)

Y-Net News [Israel], 12 November 2014,7340,L-4591439,00.html Gantz clashes with Shin Bet chief over warning of war IDF Chief of Staff submits official complaint against the head of Israel’s internal security service, after Shin Bet officials claimed the shadowy group … Več

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Intelligence: US intelligence and the Islamic State >Assessment (The Bridge)

Courtesy Eric Denécé Anatomy of an “Intelligence Failure” Should the United States’ intelligence agencies be lambasted for failing to anticipate the emergence of the so-called Islamic State? Not really, says Phil Walter. We have to remember that the success … Več

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Intelligence: UK intelligence agencies monitored legally privileged lawyer-client communications in security cases (The Guardian)

The Guardian [UK], 7 November 2014 Intelligence agencies ‘may have abused access to lawyer-client documents’ Lawyers for Abdel Hakim Belhaj claim MI5, MI6 and GCHQ may have intercepted legally privileged communications * by Owen Bowcott, legal affairs correspondent The … Več

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Intelligence: Russia’s intelligence campaign in Ukraine, Europe (Foreign Affairs)

Foreign Affairs [YSA], November 2014 Moscow’s Spy Game Why Russia Is Winning the Intelligence War in Ukraine * By Mark Galeotti Eight weeks after Ukraine’s new government and pro-Russian separatists in the country’s east agreed to a cease-fire, the … Več

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Intelligence/History: SIGINT centenary > Overview (XX Committee)

The XX Committee [USA] , 1 November 2014 Courtesy Dr C. Wiebes 100 Years Ago: The Birth of the SIGINT Century, Part I Yesterday The Wall Street Journal reported, based on high-level leaks, that the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) … Več

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Counter-terrorism: Australia considers creating Homeland Security Dept, with Aust Federal Police as lead agency; intelligence agencies to remain separate (AAP)

Australian Associated Press, 3 November 2014 AFP to become head security agency The Australian Federal Police will become the lead agency within the coalition’s proposed homeland security department. Under the arrangement, however, spy agencies ASIO and ASIS would remain … Več

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Intelligence: UK MI6 chief Sir John Sawers retires, another ‘C’ to be appointed (The Independent)

The Independent [UK], 3 November 2014 I’m proud to hand over reins of a more modern MI6, says ‘C’ Sir John Sawers is stepping down as head of the intelligence service after five turbulent years and the emergence of … Več

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FININT: UK Charity Commission investigates aid groups for diverting funds to Iraqi, Syrian jihadists (Sunday Telegraph)

Sunday Telegraph [UK], 2 November 2014 Charity Commission: British charities investigated for terror risks William Shawcross, the chair of the Charity Commission, warns that money donated by the British public may already have been sent to Islamic State fighters, as … Več

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